Laurel Hui

Laurel Hui, Deaconess

Laurel Hui has been part of Pillar Baptist Church since 2011 and serves by overseeing the Women’s Ministry. She was raised in the warm loving environment of her family in the city of Saratoga. As a Christian, she grew most in her faith through the circumstances surrounding her father’s health during her undergraduate and graduate years at UC Irvine. After returning home, she has been living her dream as an elementary school teacher and currently teaches in the San Jose Unified School District. Laurel enjoys spending time with family, friends, and children, traveling, eating good food, and running.

Ben and Samantha Chang

Samantha Chang, Deaconess

Samantha Chang became a member of Pillar Baptist Church in 2012. She is a Southern California native and came to know the Lord during middle school through the living testimony of her mother’s faith. She graduated from Cal State Northridge with a B.A. degree in Linguistics. Upon graduation, her work brought her to the Bay Area which led her to Pillar Baptist Church and also her husband Ben. Together they enjoy spending time drinking boba. Samantha is currently serving over the Nursery Ministry.

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Tiffany Cho, Deaconess

Tiffany Cho has attended Pillar Baptist Church since 2009. She graduated from UC Berkeley and then moved to Boston for graduate school at Emerson College. After her studies she returned home to Fremont where she is currently a speech-language pathologist in the Fremont Unified School District. Tiffany is the deaconess over the Care Ministry at Pillar that serves to meet the needs within the body. She is married to her husband Michael and together they enjoy spending time with family and friends, cooking and eating good food, and traveling.

Wilsen Yen

Wilson Yen, Deacon

Wilson Yen has been a member of Pillar Baptist since 2012. He graduated from the University of California Riverside in 2010 after which he returned to his home in Fremont to be a teacher. He currently works at Leland High School in San Jose as a math teacher. As a deacon, Wilson overlooks the Midweek Ministry on Thursday nights. He is an avid gamer but also enjoys reading, playing sports, and spending time with family and friends.

Michael and Geneva Choy

Michael Choy, Deacon

Michael Choy has been a part of Pillar Baptist Church since 2011. He left his home in San Francisco to attend the University of California San Diego where he met his amazing wife Geneva. Michael is a web developer at He is serving the church by leading the Children’s Ministry. He enjoys reading, playing badminton and basketball, and cooking with his wife Geneva.

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Enu Rho, Deacon

Enu Rho has called Pillar Baptist Church his home since 2011. A native of the Bay Area, Enu graduated from the University of California San Diego. Though he grew up in the church, it was during his undergraduate years that he responded to the gospel in trusting faith. Later, he moved to upstate New York to attend Cornell University for graduate studies. He returned home and began to attend Pillar Baptist Church where he learned the importance of church membership. Enu is married to his lovely wife Christine and oversees the Worship Ministry.