Daniel Cheng

Daniel Cheng, Deacon

Daniel Cheng has attended Pillar Baptist Church since 2014. After spending his childhood in the Bay Area, he attended UCLA for his undergraduate degree, then UC Berkeley for graduate school. He is currently overseeing the Care Team at Pillar, serves on the Sound and Accounting Teams and also leads a midweek small group. Daniel enjoys hanging out with family and friends, playing music and sports, finding delicious ramen spots, and cheering on the Warriors.

Nate Tong

Nathan Tong, Deacon

Nathan Tong has been a member of Pillar Baptist Church since 2013 and serves in Children’s ministry and oversees the church facilities. He is a Bay Area native and has spent several years during his youth living abroad in Singapore and Australia. After graduating with a B.A. in Economics from UC San Diego, he returned to the Bay Area and currently works in a financial data and technology company in San Francisco. While at PBC, Nathan has been greatly blessed with sound expository preaching and the loving fellowship of the church. Aside from his interest for all things related to basketball, Nathan enjoys serving the church, traveling internationally, being with his family and fellowshipping.

Peter Kim

Peter Kim, Deacon

Peter Kim has been a part of Pillar Baptist Church since 2012. He was born in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania and is an avid Steelers fan to this day. His family moved to the Bay Area when he was 10 and he’s been in the Bay ever since. After graduating from UC Berkeley, Peter has been working as a software developer. As a deacon, Peter oversees the security team. In his free time, Peter likes playing sports and games. He also enjoys food, not just eating it but also making, talking about, and traveling to eat delicious food.

Scott Ho

Scott Ho, Deacon

Scott Ho has called Pillar Baptist his home since 2011. He graduated from the University of California San Diego in 2011 after which he returned to the Bay Area, eventually becoming a teacher. He currently works at Fallon Middle School in Dublin as a science teacher. His wife Stacy, whom he met at Pillar, is also a teacher in Fremont. As a deacon, Scott overlooks the Midweek Ministry on Thursday nights. He enjoys spending time watching movies, cooking and reading with Stacy as well as playing card and board games with friends.